The extensive knowledge and advanced technical capabilities we have built up over 50 years enable us to provide comprehensive engineering and consulting services in a wide variety of fields.

We approach projects with the ability to take action flexibly in step with the times and our advanced technical capabilities, we also excel in comprehensive engineering and consulting approaches to projects by drawing on our broad knowledge of civil engineering, architectural engineering, environmental engineering, and biology.

We have extensive experience in a variety of fields from management to planning, environment, construction, urban development, and more.

We have been, and will continue to be, a company that builds the future through the kind of comprehensive construction consulting that helps support society.


Creating a society for the future through our comprehensive power
We envision the future

As a comprehensive construction consultant, we provide engineering services that cover every process from research to planning, design, and maintenance in a wide range of fields that include roads, transportation, bridges, rivers, ports, water sewerage and supply, urban planning, and the environment, both in Japan and abroad.

The field of construction consulting requires a broad knowledge and a high level of expertise. We strive to offer our services with our many experts capable of engaging not only in civil and architectural engineering, but also in peripheral fields such as environmental engineering, landscape design, and biology.

As professionals, each and every one of our engineers also aspires to "realize the future themselves," and based on this mindset, we utilize our comprehensive power to contribute to realizing communities where future generations can live with safety, security, and prosperity.


Trust and achievements backed by a 50-year legacy, combined with extensive knowledge and technology

We have engaged in construction consulting for around half a century.

In the turbulent times spanning from Showa to Heisei and now Reiwa, we have continued to provide infrastructure development that supports the foundations of safety and security in people's lives―including the Tokyo Gate Bridge, an iconic Japanese structure―in response to the ever-changing demands and requirements of the times.

We will continue to provide infrastructure not only in Japan but also overseas, drawing on our accumulated experience and insight to respond to new needs in and outside Japan from the perspectives of both "creating" construction as in the past, as well as "protecting" through maintenance, upgrades, and disaster prevention measures.


Developing human resources into "human capital," and growing together with our employees

It is our management philosophy to "live up to the trust placed in us by clients through advanced technology and the ability to act with sincerity and passion, and contribute to society through the provision of advanced technical services". To contribute to society through infrastructure development, every one of our employees is dedicated to working towards the same goal and improving their skills to meet the ever-changing technologies and issues.

Since we consider employees to be our most important assets, we focus on developing human capital capable of flexibly handling diverse and complex issues. To facilitate the development of professional teams, we strive to ensure an environment where employees are self-motivated to improve themselves by providing support for acquiring professional certifications such as Professional Engineers and by enabling support from colleagues, such as through OJT where younger employees can receive guidance from more experienced staff.

We believe that the healthy work and growth of our employees under a variety of working styles is instrumental in the sustainable development of the company and ultimately its future growth.


Comprehensive engineering and consultation of a variety of infrastructure development projects

Globalization challenges today’s international community to take on a new form and face numerous issues: wealth disparities, ethnic and religious conflicts, war, terrorism, freedom/civil liberty/democratic oppression, environmental issues, infectious diseases, and gender inequalities. Relying heavily on imported resources, energy and foodstuffs, Japan must play a crucial role in the international community as a beneficiary of international trade. At Central Consultant Inc., we as a construction consultant provide engineering services that cover your entire project process, from surveys to planning, design and implementation management, in a wide range of fields including roads, bridges, rivers, urban areas, disaster management, and more, all to contribute to establishing social infrastructure toward international stability and development, as well as sustainable development.

Roads and Highways

●Planning, Survey, Design and Supervision ●Planning and Design of Auxiliary Facilities ●Survey and Analysis for Earthwork ●Study, Analysis, Experiment and R&D on Road Surface

  • Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Route 8 Rehabilitation Project, Ghana

  • Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Road Improvement Project II in Zonapaz, Guatemala

  • Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Road Improvement Project II, Paraguay

  • Detailed Design for Tomiya JCT Construction Project, Japan

Bridges and Civil Engineering Structures

●Planning, Survey, Design and Supervision ●Inspection and Soundness Evaluation ●Study, Experiment and R&D

  • Basic Design, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Awash Bridge Replacement Project, Ethiopia

  • Basic Design, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Santa Fe Bridge Construction Project, Nicaragua

  • Basic Design, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Sekong Bridge Construction Project, Laos

  • Basic Design and Detailed Design for Tokyo Gate Bridge Construction Project, Japan


●Planning, Survey, Design and Supervision ●Planning and Design of Tunnel Ventilation System, Lighting Facilities, Interiors, etc. ●Tunnel Maintenance Planning, Repair and Reinforcement

  • Detailed Design for Tsutsujigaoka Tunnel Construction Project, Japan

  • Detailed Design for Sawano Tunnel Construction Project, Japan

  • Detailed Design for Himi 3rd Tunnel Construction Project, Japan

  • Detailed Design for Gonbei Tunnel Construction Project, Japan

Traffic Planning

●Road Network Planning ●Urban and Rural Traffic Planning ●Surveys, Analysis and Simulation for Traffic Behavior ●Traffic Demand Forecast ●Traffic Surveys and Analysis

  • The Study on Urban Transport Improvement in Baku, Azerbaijan

  • The Study on Urban and Regional Comprehensive Transportation Strategy, Japan

  • Transport Node Planning, Japan

  • Regional Public Transportation Planning, Japan

River and Coast

River ●Runoff Analysis, Flood Inundation Analysis and Groundwater Analysis ●River Channel Planning and Urban River Planning ●Planning and Design of River Dike, Sluice, Diversion Weir and more.
Coast ●Coastal Survey, Wave Analysis, Nearshore currents Analysis, Beach Profile Change Forecasting, and Coastal Protection Planning

  • The Study for Coastal Erosion and Flood Control Management, Seychelles

  • Detail Design for Meguro River Embankment, Japan

  • Detail Design for Detached Breakwater in Kochi Coast, Japan

Water Supply and Sewerage

●Planning and Design of Sewerage Facilities ●Planning of Urban Storm Drainage Network ●Planning and Design of Water Supply Facilities

  • Design for Installation of Water Pipe, Japan

  • Detailed Design for Nagamachi 1st Pump Station, Japan

  • Basic Design for Yokouchi Water Purification Plant, Japan

Disaster Management

●Survey on Road Disaster Prevention, Planning and Design of Road Disaster Prevention Facilities ●Survey and Planning for Sabo Facilities ●Flood Control Management

  • Basic Design, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Landslide Prevention Project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Road Disaster Prevention Project (Bishkek – Osh Road), Kyrgyz

  • The Study on Preventive Measures against Road Disasters, Bolivia

Environmental Management

●Environmental Impact Assessment ●Resettlement Action Plan ●Environmental Survey for above Sectors



Registered Name Central Consultant Inc.
Established January 30, 1967
Head Office

Harumi Center Building 10F, 2-5-24 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0053, Japan

TEL: +81-3-3532-8031 FAX: +81-3-3532-8022

E-mail: central@central-con.co.jp

Capital 130 million yen
  • Construction Consultant (KEN-01 No.1043) by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Government of Japan.
    Registered services: Road and Highway Engineering, Steel Structure and Concrete Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, River, Erosion Control and Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Construction Environment Engineering, Harbor and Airport Engineering, Urban Planning and Regional Planning, Sewerage Engineering, Water Supply and Industrial Water Supply Engineering, Landscaping and Gardening, Soil and Foundation Engineering, Geological Engineering, Construction Planning, Construction Equipment and Cost Estimation
  • Geological Survey Business by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Shitsu-01 No.1491)
  • Survey Business by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (No.(6)-23060)
  • First-Class Architect Office (Tokyo Governor Registration No.7583)
  • Measurement Certification Business, sound pressure level (Tokyo Governor Registration No. 745)
  • ISO9001
Directors and
Representative Director Kenichi Nakata
Director Yoshitaka Higuchi
Director Ichiro Ogawa
Director Hiromi Doi
Director Satoshi Asami
Independent Director Tetsuya Nakajima
Independent Director Akihisa Nagahata
Independent Director Katsunori Tachibana
Auditor Yasunori Mitsumori
President and Chief Executive
Kenichi Nakata
Executive Vice President Setsuo Hirai
Senior Managing Executive
Yoshitaka Higuchi
(TOKYO Division Manager)
Managing Executive Officer Ichiro Ogawa
(Corporate Planning Manager)
Managing Executive Officer Tetsuya Fujie
(Business Promotion Manager)
Managing Executive Officer Takumi Yagihashi
(TOHOKU Branch Manager)
Executive Officer Satoshi Asami
(General Affairs Manager)
Executive Officer Munetaka Sato
(CHUBU Branch Manager)
Executive Officer Hiromi Doi
(Osaka Branch Manager)
Executive Officer Kunihiro Arai
(KYUSHU Branch Manager)
Executive Officer Tetsuya Ono
(HIROSHIMA Branch Manager)
Turnover 12,557 million yen(FY2023)
Number of Employees 506(as of September 30, 2023)